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Announcing Angry Joe:Prehistoric

It was sunny beautiful day and Joe was going home from his job. Day was late and he was late so he started to walk a bit faster. Suddenly he notices something strange in the air. Some glittering light hovering few meters  away from him. He started to walk towards it to check what it is. He was almost there when he tripped over the stone and fell. Air flashed and now he was sitting in some strange place.  The air was different. And sounds were different. All of sudden his clothing started to change. It turned into ragged prehistoric cloth. Joe realised that the glittering light was actually a portal and now he is in prehistoric times. Now he needs to find a way back home, and he need to do it fast to make it in time for a dinner. Cause Joe was hungry. And now Joe was also very angry.


Welcome to the prehistoric era. Just a second ago you were a farmer and now you have to survive in prehistoric times. It's full of weird creatures and all of them want to have you for breakfast.

If you want to live you need to find your way out. Looks like there is a second portal in a distance. You have to break through the huge ants and spiders, flying overgrown bees and other monsters to reach the second portal and get back home.

After few months of development our first game is going to be released to play store and ouya next month. Angry Joe is a colorfull platformer game where you play as a former bank employee that has been mysteriously transported to prehistoric time. His only way to back home is to reach the second portal. To do this he has to run, jump, kill enemies, avoid pitfalls and collect items that will boost his skills. Exchange the collected teeth to powerups that will help you jump higher, run faster or hold more stones that you'll need to deal with the enemies. Travel through 5 different worlds and face the deadly bosses on the end of each one. Reach the second portal to get back to home... or maybe not?



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