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"Heroes" is a 2d side scrolling hack and slash game coming to ouya and android early 2014. Game is set in medieval theme and makes heavy use of the many of the iconic books and movies as well as real life situations . You will be able to meet gollum, diablo or an old Cindirella who never married the prince. You will be able to perform the quests that will lead you to the fame and gold. Or sudden and brutal death.

Choose from one of the five classes like knight, wizard, archer, barbarian and ranger. Each of those classes has it's cons and pros so choose wisely.

The game will contain a number of quests ranging from kill all to bring the item to person x or talk to x. We also plan to add the endless dungeon where you will be able to venture deeper and deeper to kill as many monsters as you can, gain great riches and finally die horrible death.

We also have plans for a multiplayer where you will be able to play coopmode with your friends using your phone or ouya.

Stay tuned.

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